Neighborhoods To Explore In Seattle, WA 98118   

The city of Seattle has a number of neighborhoods like any other city. Most of these are adjacent to one another. All of these neighborhoods offer delicious food, cafes, shopping spots and many other small and large attractions. Here are some of the popular neighborhoods in the city.   

Fremont   Fremont is known to be the most fun neighborhood in the city. It has some unique fixtures such as the Fremont Troll, Fremont Rocket and Communist Era Statue. You can explore some interesting shopping stops, unique buildings and public artwork everywhere you go. Thus, walking is the best way to explore this neighborhood. The world-famous Theo Chocolate Factory is located here, and they offer tours. So, don't forget to taste the chocolate samples.   

Downtown Seattle   This is the neighborhood where most of the visitors begin their trip. It features most of the major attractions like the Pike Place Market, Great Wheel and the Seattle Art Museum. The neighborhood becomes more attractive in the Holidays because it's lit up with some twinkly lights. You can go shopping in the Pike Place Market, ride the Great Wheel, check out the Seattle Aquarium and many more.   

Wallingford   Wallingford is situated just next to Fremont, which is perfect for a casual trip in the evening. You can taste some delicious food in a restaurant here. Even the neighborhood is well-known for its restaurants. But it's not just the restaurants, The Gas Works Park in Wallingford is one of the unique parks in the city. Thus, if you are planning for a simple evening exploring the city, then don't forget to visit Wallingford.   

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